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Project Description
This is a project I started years ago to help my kids with their spelling tests at school. It's far from perfect, but a good start anyway!


This lets you do the typical format of defining a list of words:
  • house
  • car

Then quiz using a sentence:

House. I live in a House by the park. House.

It uses the speech API to say the text. You enter the word list and sample sentences. I have rudimentary support for recording actual voice samples, but it doesn't might fail (short samples are best!) It also lets you use a stylus (with handwriting recognition) if you have tablet functionality on your computer.

Next Steps

It definitely needs work, but it's a start anyway. I'd like to replace the sample recording/playback with NAudio, update lots of the code to current .NET standards/best practices, and polish up the UI a bit. I'll do what I can as I have time. Feel free to offer patches or fixes!

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